Spring Garden-Cocktail Party Outfit Guide

Spring Garden-Cocktail Party Outfit Guide

It's almost Spring and you’ve received an invitation to a Garden-Cocktail Party! 

You MAY be freaking out because you literally just found out what a Garden-Cocktail party actually IS and now you are scrambling trying to figure out what the heck you're going to wear!!??

I got you, girl. 😘

Since this Soiree is not just a typical  "Garden Party" which usually involves long flowy dresses and big hats (which I LOVE too, btw..), this means that you have can take certain liberties with your attire! 

So, let's do it! 😉

Step One, your dress! You can most definitely show up in a gorgeous maxi, but why do that when you can be "Pretty in Pink" in this Ruffle Detail Mini Dress?? You'll show up looking effortlessly chic and feeling ultra feminine. 💖

Step Two, your shoes! Now, Garden Parties typically take place in.. well... a Garden. Which means there will be grass involved. SOOO-- what does this mean for your shoes?? NO pointy heels! Trust me. What you want are these Ashley Strappy Sandals because of their block heels! YOU WILL THANK ME when you're not the girl with her heels digging in the dirt every other step.. 🙃

Step Three, your purse! You NEED this Floral Beaded Clutch! It has GORGEOUS pops of color that accent your dress, and the floral design is PERFECT for the Garden Party theme! 🌸

Ok Girlfriend- Don't Stress! I have done the hard work for you!

Last Step, Show up! Go enjoy the beautiful party and FEEL beautifully confident  while you're there! 🤍


Lauren O'Bannon

Onyx & Ivory co

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